Badass Scooters

Cruisin Your Way

We provide the most fun, and highest quality electric scooters to people of all ages. Our Electric Scooters Out Perform The Competition Every Time! Our Scooter Specs 2000 Watt Motor 60 Volt 20 AH Lithium Ion Battery Speeds Up To 35 MPH 28 to 35 Miles between charges Maximum Load 400 LBS. Security Key Fob Remote Start Front and Rear Shocks Front and Rear Disc Brakes Head Light, Tail Lights, Brake Lights Single or Large Double Banana Seat Many Color Choices Weighs 122 LBS. SERVICES WE OFFER Full Customization Choose from a number of customization's and additions to make your badass scooter a one of a kind Online Support Online support to give you the knowledge you need to maintain your scooters Easy Online Payment Fully secure online payment options Contact us to place an order!

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