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Ohm Vibes
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Ohm Vibes

Harmonizing Sound & Light Therapy In Unison

Ohm Vibes has created the worlds first Chakra color aligned bi-naural beats/tones ever created. We have harmonized light and sound therapy in one easy to use at home solution for any of your specific needs, weather it be to relax, gain confidence, get more energy, or simply drift off. Our vision is to heal and lift all the spirits of all humanity. 10 Everyday Benefits of Bi-Naural Beats/Tone therapy. 1. Increased Relaxation 2. Better Sleep 3. Deep Meditation 4. Mindfulness 5. Increased positive outlook/happiness 6. Increased Concentration 7. Body Healing 8. Lower Stress 9. Eliminate Anxiety 10. Spiritual Consciousness Benefits of Light Therapy

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