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Purrfect Pet Service
Cle Elm WA

Purrfect Pet Service

Great services for the purr-fect pets!

On every visit to your home we offer a large array of well-defined services that will free your mind of any worries you might have related to your pet or your home while away at work or on a trip. Pet feeding & water change Plenty of love & playtime Administering medications Walks if approved in advance Poop scoop and/or Litter scoop Light alternation in your home Brushing / Combing your pets Mail and/or newspaper pick-up Garbage to curb service -Pet Sitting $19 per 30 minute visit $24 per 45 minute visit Add $2.00 for each additional dog & $1.00 for each additional cat/ other pet -Hourly Pet Nanny $28 per hour for 4 hours or less. If you require more than 4 hours of service please see our Home Stay option. -Puppy Care Puppies up to 3 months old 3- 30 minute visits per day $51 per day -Overnight Stays $85.00 per night * Additional mid-day visit $19 Add $2.00 for each additional dog A pet sitter visits your home around dinnertime to dispense food and provide a quick break. Sitter then returns to spend the night in your home from 8:30pm – 7:00 am. -Home Stay $135.00 per 18 hour period A pet sitter stays in your home for a minimum of 18 hours caring for the pets and home. The pet sitter will not be away from your home for more than six hours in a 24 hour period and when the pet sitter is away, it won’t be for more than two hours at a time. This schedule most closely resembles your pet’s own living experience and allows for continuity of care while you’re away for an extended period of time. Limited availability, this service books quickly so plan ahead!

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