The ULTIMATE Sales Engine

by My Yoga Studio


The ULTIMATE How-To guide to grow ANY business, scale sales, and become an ICON in any industry. The steps are simple and strategies elegant - just follow the plan...if you can.

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Module: The ULTIMATE Power you already have!
What is the secret hidden in plain sight?
OMG Why haven't I been doing this?!
Module: Harnessing This Power for Growth
What is Sales Success?
Not all money is the same?
Who has my money?
What do people REALLY buy?
Module: A.R.I.A. - it's really that simple!
A is for ___________
R is for ________
I is for ___________
A is for __________
Module: How-to get people to know me/my brand
Take The Touch Survey
Interpreting Results
The "Know Me" Plan
Measuring Results
Module: How to connect with my audience
What does my audience desire most?
You'll find every client at _______
Crafting Messages with Meaning
Module: How to present my offer
What the h**** is a "Purchase Map"?
Don't be's only going to h.u.r.t.
Well that was easy, now what?
The 3 Types of "Yes"
Module: How to get my clients the results they want
The only true success is _______
Sick of the truth?
Not everyone wants results...and what to do about it
Module: Putting it all together
Phase 1: Strategy
Phase 2: Tactics
Phase 3: Deployment
Phase 4: Obsession
Phase 5: The Missing Piece(s)


Title The ULTIMATE Sales Engine
Seller My Yoga Studio
Author P.A.I.D.
Created 2019-07-26 22:14:57
Price $1,997.00
Skill Level 1
Course Length 8 weeks
Key Words sales,entrepreneurship,marketing,customer service,automation,growth
Requirements Computer,Smartphone,Internet,Pen + Paper,Desire

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