code: Learn To Code In Javascript

by PaidToday


Coding is the future...but why? Is it because computers are the future? Or is it because it's a way of thinking? The answer is both! Learn the ninja tricks to make the web your b*tch. There are a few key tools and a few key distinctions that set the outstanding apart from the rest. About the author: Charles Schaar started writing software at 12 years old and has over 28 years experience. Mr. Schaar loves building, creating, and optimizing most things. Dive deep into code, thought, and transformational creation in this 8 hour course.

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Module: The Matrix Has You...
What Is Code Really?
How go crazy, I mean write code
Ever had a sandwich?
Module: Pages that "do stuff"
Responding to Input
Data Input
Laying it all on the "page"
Module: Code Beyond Setting & Getting
Data Types, Structures, and Code
Loop, Logic, and Flow
Advanced Structures
Module: Your First Web App: Tic Tac Toe
Laying it all out
Adding Code
Module: Your Second Web App: To Do List
Layout: UI & UX
Logic: Capabilities & Can't-abilities
Deploying To the Cloud
Module: Reference


Title code: Learn To Code In Javascript
Seller PaidToday
Author Charles Schaar
Created 2020-02-19 00:56:38
Price $295.00
Skill Level 1
Course Length 8 hours
Key Words javascript,web design,web development,html,css,jquery
Requirements paidtoday

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