Make It A Business Course

by Make It A Business


<p>Turn your Idea, Passion, Skill, Product, Prototype into a business. This course will give you X-ray vision on how to avoid the pitfalls of growing a business. Get lessons that are easy to understand and cover the core elements to starting a business. Super charge your idea and remove the learning curve so you can move forward with confidence and make your dream a reality.</p><p>Have you ever had someone say to you “This ______ tastes delicious, you should sell these!” or “You’ve got a real eye and gift for _______. Have you ever thought about starting a _______ business?” If you have and want to explore how to turn that skill or idea into a business, side hustle, or extra money maker, this course is for you.</p><p>You get a complete course with actionable information so you can start to take steps immediately toward creating another or replacement stream of revenue for yourself. Paired with the course itself, you will receive a full year subscription of the MakerSt platform where you’ll be able to start selling online instantly with a simple CRM, full customer cart, and proven checkout system. Configuration couldn’t be easier, but just in case, there is an entire module dedicated to helping you set up your account and customer shop.</p><p>Not only do you get the 7 core lessons in the course, you also get 9 bonus lessons and 5 lessons on how to optimize your MakerSt shop to get the most out of it.</p>

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Module: Make It A Business Course
Congratulations and Introduction
Brand & Feeling
The Name
The Logo
Product & Service Development
The Shop
Building Your List
Promote & Share
Module: Bonus Lessons
Bonus - Creating a Logo with
Bonus - Photography
Bonus - Setting Up a Home Office
Bonus - Furnishing a Home Office
Bonus - Print Material
Bonus - Generating Headlines with a Free Tool
Bonus - Accounting and Legal Questions
Bonus - Watch List
Bonus - Reading List
Module: How To Get The Most Out of
Setting Up Your Shop
Online Booking and Appointments in MakerSt
Paid Events in MakerSt
Invoicing in MakerSt
Invite Your Friends to MakerSt


Title Make It A Business Course
Seller Make It A Business
Author Make It A Business
Created 2021-09-09 17:00:35
Price $98.00
Skill Level 1
Course Length
Key Words Branding, Brand Identity, Products, Services, Creating a shop, Marketing, Cost Calculations
Requirements pen, paper

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