Mastering PaidToday

by PaidToday


In this course you will learn the ins and outs of PaidToday and how to use it to reap the full extent of its benefits. From creating a company, to creating invoices, to managing your clients, to managing your projects. Whether you are just starting or have used PaidToday in the past, we are sure that you'll walk away with some a key insight or valuable tip that will help you keep your clients happier, protect your business from going into the red, and ensure that your career as a business owner is long lasting and fulfilling.

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Module: Getting Started
Personal Settings
Create Your Business
Enter The Business Details
Connecting Stripe To Accept Online Payments
Switching Between Personal and Business Accounts
Adding New Contact
Contact Details Overview
Invite a contact to connect with your business
Show Connected Contact
Creating & Sending An Invoice
Receiving & Paying An Invoice
Module: PaidToday at a Glance
Paid Today Overview


Title Mastering PaidToday
Seller PaidToday
Author Paid Today, LLC
Created 2019-05-11 00:44:00
Price $0.00
Skill Level 1
Course Length .5
Key Words Sales,Marketing,Administration,CRM,Marketplace,Projects
Requirements Computer or Phone,Internet,PaidToday

What is Unlimita?

A Unique Community

Unlimita is a global online marketplace where people come together for quality, reliable, and predictable buying, selling, and interaction.

Quality Businesses

Every business on Unlimita uses the PaidToday platform to manage and run their business - this means they have the best tools and you get the most visibility into every transaction.

Freedom & Privacy

Every buyer gets the freedom to buy from any vendor and have the same experience across all transactions - all while controlling who can see or access each part of their information.
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